Nevada and Emma litter
Born on April 22nd 2009
All puppies are spoken for and living with their families. We have kept Miss Red. We named her Tibsen CHABICHOU of Lonely Oak.
She has quite a beautiful head with great rear angles. We will watch her grow to determine if she has what it takes to join our breeding program, here, at Tibsen's.
photo of Chabichou to come soon.
Pups are now weaned and eating softened puppy food. They love to explore and meet new people. They are out of the welping pen and into the puppy pen with frequent visits outside.
(Thanks Patrick and Stephanie for the photos!)
5wks old
5wks old
5 wks old
Puppies are now 3.5 weeks old. They will be moving out of the welping pen in the next few days. They are starting to explore.
18 may2009 18 may 2009
May18 2009
May 18th - 18 days old. Eyes opened this week and they can now hear us much better. They are starting to get up on their feet.
May 1st - puppies are 10 days old
10 days old
18 days old